Dr. Rory Cernik

Doctor of Audiology

Rory D. Cernik, Au.D. earned his undergraduate and Doctor of Audiology degree from Towson University. In 2013, Dr. Cernik and his wife Alison created and opened Hearing Assessment Center, LLC. He believes that innovative technology and personal service go hand in hand.

Dr. Donald A. Guillen

Doctor of Audiology

Donald A. Guillen, Au.D., earned his Doctor of Audiology degree from Towson University in 2016 and has completed his clinical fellowship year at the Hearing Assessment Center, LLC, under the supervision of Dr. Rory D. Cernik. Donald hopes to one day develop and implement a hearing-screening program for newborns in Nicaragua.

Dr. Katelyn Leitner

Doctor of Audiology

Katelyn Leitner, Au.D., CCC-A, FAAA, earned her Bachelor of Arts degree in speech and hearing science from the University at Buffalo in 2011.