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Hearing loss can sneak up on you gradually, stealing some of the joy from the best moments like whispered endearments, the punchline of a joke or the line in your favorite show that reveals whodunnit. Through hearing tests, our audiologist at Bel Air, MD, can help you take back control of your life. Whether you need hearing aids or simply help clearing an obstruction in your ear canal, we can help.

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    Audiologist – Bel Air, MD

    Donald A. Guillen, Au.D.

    Donald A. Guillen, Au.D.

    Doctor of Audiology

    Dr. Donald A. Guillen earned his doctorate from Towson University and completed his clinical fellowship at the Hearing Assessment Center under the tutelage of Dr. Rory Cernik. Days available: Monday and Wednesday

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    During his doctoral studies, his research focused heavily on the effect of degraded listening conditions (background noise and reverberation) on cochlear filtering as well as auditory brainstem encoding in normal and hearing impaired individuals. In particular, he was interested in understanding why hearing impaired individuals have a difficult time understanding speech in noisy environments while normal hearing individuals do not. He utilizes this in-depth understanding to properly treat hearing impairment clinically, as the applicability of this research is integral to the recommendations he makes on a daily basis. He now dedicates much of his time to the thorough evaluation and treatment of individuals with chronic tinnitus and hyperacusis. He has established himself in the community as a caring and well-versed tinnitus professional who has treated and assisted many of these individuals.

    Dr. Guillen also thoroughly enjoys educating patients on the dangers of untreated hearing loss and serves as a Community Ambassador. He is passionate about the importance of addressing hearing loss. He frequently performs talks and provides hearing screenings at senior centers, local military retiree centers, hunting clubs, and other local organizations. Under this role, he has also had the privilege of assisting the international community through his work with the St. Clare Medical Outreach program, a Baltimore based program, which looks to lessen healthcare disparities between immigrants/refugees and the general population. Dr. Guillen has demonstrated a strong commitment to serving our local veterans and has taken on a leadership role in this area. Currently, Dr. Guillen is seeing patients in our Lutherville and Bel Air locations.

    Expertise and Experiences

    • Spanish-proficiency certification from the University of Alcalá de Henares in Madrid. Dr. Guillen is the only bilingual audiologist in the Baltimore Metro Area.
    • Highly specialized in cerumen (ear wax) removal utilizing only non-abrasive methods to ensure a pain free experience.
    • Specializes in industrial audiology and worker’s compensation claims. Has worked with numerous firefighters and police officers in the area, providing rehabilitative treatment to many of these individuals.
    • Accredited provider for the Hear Now Foundation program.
    • His professional interests and expertise include: tinnitus evaluation, tinnitus retraining therapy, the diagnosis and treatment of hearing loss, geriatric audiology, and cognitive hearing deficits and processing disorders.
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